Techno-Tort featured in Bizarre Beasts: Protecting desert tortoises

  In a recent episode of Bizarre Beasts, the popular YouTube series hosted by Hank Green and Sarah Suta, viewers were introduced to the peculiar battle between ravens and desert tortoises in the Mojave Desert. Titled “We Made These Ravens a Problem,” the episode showcases the Techno-TortTM, an innovative solution from Cornerstone Research Group (CRG) … Read more

CRG named finalist in Army xTechSearch 8 competition for groundbreaking battery technology

  Cornerstone Research Group is one of 50 finalists in the Army xTechSearch 8 competition. The recognition comes in light of CRG’s groundbreaking pitch titled “Ultra-Low Temperature Rechargeable Li-Metal Battery,” showcasing the company’s innovative advancements in battery technology. The core of CRG’s submission lies its cutting-edge lithium metal (Li-metal) battery cell chemistry, specifically engineered for … Read more

DBJ posts article on CRG’s Techno-Tort™ desert tortoise preservation technology

  In a March 14, 2024 article titled, “This Dayton defense firm isn’t just serving our country, it’s saving endangered turtles too,” the Dayton Business Journal talks about CRG’s Techno-Tort™ product, developed in partnership with Hardshell Labs in California. The system trains ravens, the number one predator of young desert tortoises, to leave the tortoises … Read more

AFWERX funds further development of CRG’s DIRT Bag® product

  AFWERX, the DAF’s innovation arm and a functional directorate within the Air Force Research Laboratory, or AFRL, has awarded a Small Business Innovation Research, or SBIR, Direct to Phase II contract of approximately $1M to Miamisburg, Ohio-based company CRG to fund the development of more sustainable and affordable maintainer fabricated enclosure kits, or MFEKs, … Read more

Technology leaders join forces to boost aerospace and defense worker safety

  Sentinel Occupational Safety, Inc. and Cornerstone Research Group, Inc. (CRG) have announced a partnership to enhance Sentinel’s SafeGuard® platform with advanced features that improve worker safety and provide valuable data for employers. CRG will incorporate multiple federal research contract technologies into a premium offering of the SafeGuard solution. This new feature set is expected … Read more

CRG launches Rapid Cure System

  Cornerstone Research Group, Inc. (CRG), with support from licensing partners Kineticure, LLC and Heatcon Composite Systems, Inc., launched the Rapid Cure System (RCS)™ to accelerate the cure of bonding materials throughout production and sustainment life cycles. This makes the RCS a must-have for OEMs and MRO organizations performing in-field and depot repairs. Successful development … Read more

HEATCON announces manufacturing and licensing agreement with CRG

  HEATCON®, Inc., a world market leader in composite repair solutions and material supply, has entered into an agreement with Cornerstone Research Group to license CRG’s Deployable Isolation Repair Technology (DIRT BagTM) products for manufacture and distribution. “This new product is a game changer for those working in repair technology, and we are excited to … Read more