Icon depicting ideasCRG considers technology transition to be the implementation or application of technology and its resulting products to our government customers who have paid for the development. This transition is accomplished through selling specialty products to certain government customers, providing enabling technologies, and creating subsidiary businesses such as Agile Power.

  • Available specialty products: CRG Specialty Products is a division of CRG focused on providing products to government customers within an AS9100 quality manufacturing system.
  • Enabling technologies: CRG partners with the U.S. Government and military forces to understand their unique challenges and requirements. By leveraging our extensive research and development capabilities, we create tailored solutions that address critical needs in aerospace and defense.
  • Agile Power products: Agile Power is a small business specializing in incorporating safe li-ion and the latest advancements in lithium metal battery cell chemistries into mobile systems for government customers.

CRG considers commercialization to be applying technology developed under government contracts to commercial (non-government) endeavors. All CRG technology commercialization is carried out by its sister company Rushlight Ventures.