Business Model

Technology Development and Commercialization Framework

CRG’s core competencies

As Ohio’s #1 SBIR awardee, CRG considers the government’s Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) program a vital part of CRG’s business model. The SBIR/STTR program, dubbed “America’s Seed Fund,” competitively awards contracts to startups and small businesses throughout the United States to stimulate technological innovation, meet federal R&D needs and increase commercialization to transition R&D into the market.

While SBIR/STTR funding represents a minority of CRG’s overall revenue, it remains the fuel for our intellectual property (IP) engine and minimizes the risk of new technology development. We have successfully transitioned a large amount of our R&D efforts into multiple products, technology licenses, business units, startups and spin-off companies.

In order to capitalize on this tremendous SBIR-backed technology portfolio, CRG first created a Venture Studio, which in 2022 became Rushlight Ventures. This entity accelerates commercialization via disciplined product and supply chain development and go-to-market strategies designed to rapidly transition SBIR-based technology solutions into focused military and commercial product sales.

CRG is organized into research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) centers to create technology solutions, and Rushlight Ventures to systematically exploit market opportunities to achieve significant returns for sponsors, customers, and investors.

CRG’s commercialization process

Example SBIR/STTR Commercialization Success Stories

  • Mach 5 Materials: Business startup launched in 2021 to commercialize proprietary material technology with applications in polymer matrix composites and carbon-carbon composites. Sold in 2022 to Karman Space & Defense (, who acquired CRG’s MG Resin family of technologies for space and defense applications, making them a leading manufacturer in the carbon-carbon market.
  • Acoustilytix ( Business startup launched in 2020 to commercialize SBIR-developed machine-learning technology in life science animal research applications.
  • Lectratek, LLC ( Business startup launched in 2020 to commercialize multiple SBIR-developed technologies in electric aviation. Commercial sales have commenced.
  • Agile Power, LLC ( Defense internal business unit launched in 2018 to commercialize SBIR-developed technology for mobile electrical power storage, including conformal power for warfighters and applications for first responders.
  • Kineticure, LLC ( Business startup launched in 2014 as Nona Composites, renamed and pivoted to a licensing approach to commercialize SBIR-developed aircraft sustainment technologies, currently licensed for the F-35 program.
  • Spintech Holdings, LLC ( Business startup launched in 2010 to commercialize SBIR-developed shape memory polymer for composite manufacturing and repairs. SpaceX is a customer.