About Us


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Our Mission: To advance national security with cutting-edge technology solutions


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Our Vision: To become a premier aerospace and defense company


• Achieving greater feats in aviation
• Accelerating underwater capabilities
• Protecting our men and women on the front lines
• Saving desert wildlife
• Enhancing space exploration
CRG is a leading aerospace and defense company that delivers competitively priced innovations with speed and agility. Our team of experts specializes in solving complex science and engineering problems in high-profile fields such as aerospace systems, artificial intelligence, power and energy, and advanced materials and manufacturing. We proudly support the U.S. Armed Forces and federal government, including Air Force, Army, Navy, SOCOM, DARPA, DLA, DHA, NASA, DOE, and NIH.

CRG is part of the Rushlight family of businesses, which is built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, respect, dedication, innovation, and collaboration. Our sister company, Rushlight Ventures, maintains exclusive rights to transfer CRG-developed intellectual property into commercial markets. This is accomplished through third-party licensing, formation of new venture companies, or the sale of entire technology portfolios.

Join our team and make a positive impact on our community. Explore current job openings with CRG now and advance your career in the exciting world of aerospace and defense technology.