Corporate Culture


At CRG, we believe that passionate and skilled individuals are the key to driving rapid innovation and delivering new capabilities to our customers. Our people are our greatest asset, and we offer a collaborative environment that empowers our team members to pursue their individual passions while always keeping our customer’s needs in mind.

Servant Leadership
Level 5 Leadership

As a leader in the aerospace and defense industry, we value integrity, servant-leadership and Level 5 Leadership characteristics, and our leaders provide employees with the freedom to innovate and the knowledge to create opportunity. Our focus is on quickly turning our research results into real products that can be fielded by our customers.

Photo of an employee at workIf you’re an expert in the field looking for an exciting opportunity to advance your career and make a real impact, consider joining our team at CRG. We offer a competitive business model, a supportive organizational structure, and valuable partnerships that enable rapid technology maturation, transitioning into production, and customer delivery. Explore our current job openings now and become a part of our passionate and skilled team.

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