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CRG is an Aerospace and Defense company in Miamisburg, Ohio with a 25-year track record of successful research and development (R&D) for government and commercial customers. We’ve developed an extensive technology portfolio spanning four primary business areas which maintain core competencies in the areas of Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Aerospace Systems, Power and Energy, and Medical Technology and Sensors. Each of the four operating centers within the business cover research and development, prototype, test, and demonstration. CRG’s Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Center maintains an AS9100D/ISO9001 quality program to support both R&D and production activities.

CRG’s diverse technical staff holds expertise in most of the major technical disciplines (Electrical, Mechanical, Physics, Software, Materials, Chemical, Aerospace, Computer, and Biomedical). CRG prides itself on being able to solve challenging multidisciplinary technical problems for our customers while acting with the speed and agility of a small business. CRG has demonstrated success in more than 350 government contracts for Air Force, Army, Navy, USMC, SOCOM, MDA, DARPA, IARPA, DOE, DHS, DHA, NIH, and NASA.