Photo of a DIRT Bag kit

DIRT Bag® products are your convenient, kitted maintenance enclosure solution for in-field and flight-line repairs. DIRT Bags prevent FOD transfer, enable better control of the repair environment, and protect nearby equipment and personnel. 

DIRT Bags® set up in minutes and are easily configured to suit the needs of each repair situation. The kits consist of a reconfigurable frame, flexible enclosure, and adapter accessories. The enclosure fits securely over the damaged area and can be secured to the surface with approved adhesive tapes. DIRT Bags pair easily with environmental control units (ECU), portable heaters, and vacuum systems creating an on-aircraft curing tent. 

DIRT Bags® have been used by many commercial and military MRO operations. DIRT Bags are currently listed in the Boeing 787 Standard Repair Manual and F-35 General Use Consumables (GUC) List as a convenient kitted solution for repair isolation. Stock products include the DB-2424-000 and DB-6090-000. Custom sizes and accessories kits are also available. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Self-adhesive seal
  • Custom placement of hand ports and hose ports
  • 360º clear viewing area
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Resists wind and environmental contamination
  • Keeps repair debris contained
  • Provides temperature/humidity control when coupled with an ECU

To learn more about DIRT Bag® products, please email sales (at) crgrp.com or Contact Us