SBIR Successes – MG Resin Portfolio Sold to Karman


MG Resin Portfolio Sold to Karman S&D for Transition into Hypersonics

Hypersonic vehicle

CRG’s MG resin technology significantly reduces the manufacturing time of high-quality carbon-carbon composite parts for hypersonics applications. While the chemistry was developed through internal research and development (IR&D) funds, the processing techniques to successfully convert the material into carbon-carbon parts were matured through several SBIR and non-SBIR ($8.2M) programs with MDA, Navy, Air Force, DARPA, and NASA. These programs generated the know-how and datasets required to enable technology transition.

In June 2022, Karman Space and Defense acquired ownership rights to CRG’s portfolio of MG resin materials and processing capability, with CRG continuing to develop the technology in support of Karman’s interests through a strategic partnership. This technology transition will improve the throughput and cost of manufacturing hypersonic weapon systems.

High-temp resins