Reclaimable Packaging


CRG's reclaimable, recyclable packaging
CRG’s reclaimable, recyclable packaging

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CRG’s reclaimable packaging is a material technology designed to allow for reclamation and reuse of disposable packaging materials that have traditionally been disposable.

Traditional packaging materials are significantly degraded when recycled, making them unusable or only suitable for low-value applications. CRG’s reclaimable packaging doesn’t degrade, even after multiple reuses, making it ideal for circular packaging economies and in-situ resource utilization needs, while reducing the need for new packaging manufacturing. Click to view full sales sheet.


  • Strong and lightweight. Foam and film materials satisfy packaging application requirements in regards to strength, weight, and protective properties
  • Facilitates resource utilization. Allows for reuse and redeployment of on-site resources after satisfying the initial use for the application
  • Various Source Material Options. Source materials can be varied from other packaging materials, plastic bags, foam, films, and other polymeric materials
  • Reusable Materials. PE foam and film materials proven reclaimable for fused filament fabrication without material property degradation
  • Promotes Circular Economy. Process encourages the reuse of used packaging material in the commercial or industrial setting
  • Customizable Fabrication. Reclaimed material is suitable for various fabrication methods such as 3D printing, injection molding, compression molding, etc.
Reclaimable packaging supports a circular economy with less waste
Reclaimable packaging promotes a circular economy with less waste