R&D Center

Chemistry and chemical engineering

CRG specializes in redefining the possible through advanced research and development in a broad range of sciences. Research covers technical areas from molecular development through systems design, prototyping, and integration.

CRG provides leading-edge medical solutions for the critically injured with an emphasis on acute-care aeromedical transport. Solutions address options for direct patient care through systems that tune aircraft flight control limits to adjust for patient condition.

CRG also specializes in delivering modular sensor systems tailored to a customer’s unique application requirements. CRG’s systems range from environmental and health monitoring to remote sensing with wireless transmit for data collection.

Advanced materials development and production services for a broad range of polymer systems offer a capability not attainable with conventional materials. The capability of synthesizing molecules, formulating resins, and scaling up production in-house offers customers the opportunity to obtain highly tailored solutions to their unique applications.


    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Materials Science & Advanced Materials
      • Shape Memory Polymers
      • High Temperature Polymers
      • Ultra-Low FST Polymers
      • Self-Healing Resins
      • Reversible Thermosets
      • High-Performance Elastomers for Extreme Environments
      • Conductive Polymers
      • Molecular Templating
      • Additive Manufacturing
      • Electronic Protective Encapsulation
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Electronics
    • Aerodynamics
    • Acoustics
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Software
    • Data Analytics
    • Statistics
      Sensor systems
    • Sensor technologies
      • Bio-sensor Platforms
      • Multi-sensor Systems
      • Modular Sensor Systems
      • Wearable Sensors
      • Real-Time Deep Learning Signal Analysis
    • Manufacturing
    • Medical Technologies
      • Patient Stabilization and Transport
      • Wearable Bio-sensors
      • Autonomous Systems
      • Super-Absorbent Products
        Patient transport
    • Robotics
    • Real-Time Deep Machine Learning
    • Intelligent Polymers
    • In-Situ Nano Manufacturing
    • Material and Testing
      • ASTM Testing
      • Thermal Analysis
      • Chemical analysis and characterization