Exposure Awareness System


Sample of an Exposure Awareness System monitor
The Exposure Awareness System monitors environmental and physiological exposures, from particulate matter to gases to noise

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The collection of contextual data surrounding exposure to a variety of environmental health hazards is critical to understand the link between certain activities and adverse health outcomes. Cornerstone Research Group, Inc. (CRG) and VigiLifeTM have developed a modern, scalable, and automated system that provides context and location awareness to environmental and physiological exposures through real-time monitoring, aiding industrial hygienists with health risk assessments. The Exposure Awareness System is capable of integrating a number of sensors commonly used for exposure monitoring, including gas monitors, particulate sensors, noise dosimeters, and bio-monitoring devices. CRG has partnered with VigiLife’s Safeguard® to provide a platform to sense, analyze, and visualize data with secure and encrypted data transmission. Click to view full tech sheet.

The Exposure Awareness System helps prevent workplace injuries and reduce hazardous exposures with the following features:

  • Compiled Remote Data – Collected data all in one place of various metrics for associated workers/locations
  • Physiological Monitoring – Captures heart rate, core body temperature, heat stress/strain, and physical exertion
  • Locational Awareness – Provides context for exposure data by monitoring indoor and outdoor location proximity to hazardous work spaces
  • Real-Time Alerts and Insights – Sets limits and sends alerts to worker and safety/management for targeted protection
  • Environmental Monitoring – Captures data for gases, VOCs, particulates, temperature, humidity, heat index, and noise
  • Multi-Sensor Support – Supports easy addition of new sensors, ML upgrades, and integration with commercial software
Remote monitoring, real-time updates, holistic measurements
The Exposure Awareness System provides remote monitoring,
real-time updates, holistic measurements