CRG unveils heated boot liners in successful debut at SAFE symposium


Photo of CRG's booth at SAFE Symposium
Cornerstone Research Group’s Heated Boot Liner technology was debuted by partner FirstSpear at the SAFE Association’s 61st Annual Symposium
CRG introduced a new wearable technology at the SAFE Association’s 61st Annual Symposium in Virginia Beach, held from October 10-12, 2023.

Elaine MacAslan, a research engineer at CRG, was invited to speak about the revolutionary Heated Boot Liners (HBLs) and shared insights into their development and rigorous field testing in Alaska and Vermont. Attendees had the opportunity to further explore HBL prototypes on display at the FirstSpear Technology Group booth.

“This was the first time FirstSpear debuted the HBL prototypes in a public setting,” said MacAslan. “Our technology was well received.”

The HBL technology represents a significant advancement in cold weather gear and frostbite protection. CRG’s collaboration with FirstSpear is integral to the scaled-up production and distribution of the product, ensuring that this cutting-edge solution reaches those who need it most.

Features of the Heated Boot Liners:

  • Revolutionary Protection: CRG’s Heated Boot Liners provide frostbite protection down to -49°F. These slim and conformal boot liners can be worn with existing boots, eliminating the need for specialized footwear. They are flame-resistant, Berry compliant, and have undergone rigorous testing, marking a substantial advancement in cold weather protection.
  • Autonomous Operation: The liners automatically provide heat only when cold temperatures are detected, delivering hours of frostbite protection.
  • Rugged Heating Elements: Flexible, stretchable heating elements remain shockproof even when torn, ensuring durability in challenging environments.
  • Washable and Durable: HBLs can be hand washed and hung to dry, reducing the need for extensive laundering.

The SAFE Symposium, a prominent platform for safety experts in aviation, space, land, and marine disciplines, was the perfect venue for CRG and FirstSpear to introduce this innovative technology to a global audience, including domestic military and NATO allies.

Mark Cridge, a program lead for multiple wearable technologies at CRG, has been pushing for this technology to get onto the feet of our military. “Forming strong partnerships with FirstSpear and DoD agencies has been key to transitioning this innovative technology to the field,” he noted.

For more information about the Heated Boot Liners and to explore their innovative features, please visit or email