Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Center

What We Promise

We deliver processes and parts that help our customers create and deliver agile, affordable, innovative, trusted, high value systems. See our QMS certificate.

What We Do for Our Customers

  • ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100 D composite part production – RTM, VARTM, autoclave and vacuum bag only prepreg, wet layup
  • Bonded assemblies
  • Integrated system assemblies
  • Prototyping
  • Advanced composite material and process development services, including tooling development
  • Composite part design assistance
  • Composite part and assembly should cost assessments
  • Supply chain management

Advanced Composites

CRG is a leader in the composites community for developing and implementing new technologies into specialty materials and parts manufacturing. Some industry areas for CRG’s advanced composites work include:

  • Civil structures
  • Aerospace structures
  • Unitized structures
  • Aircraft interiors
  • Multifunctional composites
  • Adaptive systems
  • Industrial applications
  • Composite tanks and ducting
  • Repair and maintenance