3D Printable Thermal Insulation


CRG's high-temperature 3D printable insulation
CRG’s high-temperature 3D printable insulation

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Traditional Thermal Protection System (TPS) fabrication is labor-intensive, highly specialized, and size-limited. It’s also slow, expensive and complex. CRG has combined the value of automated processing with benefits of high-temperature materials that are capable of enduring the extreme environments of atmospheric entry. This solution supports manned missions to Mars as well as re-entry to Earth from low-earth orbit (LEO). CRG’s automated, high-temperature alternative to traditional TPS fabrication reduces labor needs, cost and touch-time.

Using unique AM techniques and materials, CRG’s 3D printable thermal insulation offers enhanced performance, faster and simpler production and increased tailorability compared with traditional TMS fabrication. Click to view full tech sheet.

CRG’s 3D-printable insulation benefits include:

  • Automated Processing – By reducing labor intensive tasks using additive manufacturing, material can be produced more rapidly
  • Tailorable Formulation – Tunable performance design allows the customer to achieve a material amongst various properties and configurations
  • Improved Quality – Using an automated fabrication process, variability in TPS properties are reduced, increasing part QC
  • Simpler Construction – By achieving complex geometries, this technology decreases subsystem complexity and reduces build times
  • Complex Geometries – AM allows for the fabrication of complex geometries not typically achievable via traditional fabrication methods
  • Improved Material Properties – CRG’s insulation material offers low thermal conductivity, density, and CTE along with high glass transition temperatures and char yields

Automated additive fabrication, heterogeneous heat shields, and tailored, conformable thermal insulation