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This flexible and unobtrusive bio-sensing patch provides chronological sweat collection and storage with real-time sweat rate analysis and an incorporated biosensor platform customizable to mission needs. The design eliminates cross-contamination between samples and enables easy sample recovery for post analysis. CRG’s design for sweat collection, analysis, and storage have been combined into a compact 2” diameter and 0.125” thick form factor. Click here to view the full tech sheet.

The sensor empowers greater insight into operator health and performance by offering:

  • Chronological Sweat Collection – Chronological collection and storage of sweat with isolation to valves minimize cross contamination
  • Easy Sweat Extraction – Simple extraction of sweat for post analysis with minimal introduction of contaminates
  • Low-Cost Materials – Small, flexible form factor made from single use, disposable materials offer an economically friendly solution
  • Real-Time Feedback – Continuous, flexible sensors provide real-time, high-resolution analysis of sweat rate and output
  • User-Friendly Data – Mobile app UI with Bluetooth connection records and displays real-time sweat rate for 5+ hours
  • Customizable Physical Training – Real-time sweat rate data to tailor workouts and hydration levels for individualized use
Diagram showing how the sensor collects chronological sweat
Enable real-time stress analysis via customizable and continuous sweat rate and biosensor data collection