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Drone with audio system
Drone with high-fidelity audio system

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Effective crowd control demands innovative solutions. CRG’s High-Fidelity Drone Audio System is a game-changing aerial drone equipped with a mobile sound shield (MSS), projecting voice commands and warning tones up to 100 meters at a powerful 125 dB. This agile drone offers safe, extended operation without causing hearing damage. An integrated microphone allows for clear two-way communication while maintaining a safe distance. Its vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities ensure rapid deployment, and it can be launched from a mobile ground vehicle or a home ground station. The High-Fidelity Drone Audio System is transforming crowd control, providing both safety and efficiency. Click to view full sales sheet.

The High-Fidelity Drone Audio System revolutionizes management of large gatherings with the following features:

  • Clear Communication – Ensures messages are delivered with clarity, making them easily understood in the midst of crowds
  • Seamless User Experience – Intuitive interface facilitates swift message delivery, ensuring efficient communication
  • Extended Mission Duration – Battery provides up to 20 minutes of flight time (including message delivery) on a single charge
  • Bidirectional Interaction – On-board microphone ensures a secure channel for two-way communication
  • Part 107 Compliant – Operations are fully compliant with regulations when you take flight
  • Flexible Flight Control – You can opt for autonomous flight based on a pre-defined plan, or seamlessly switch to manual control

Drone diagram showing locations of microphone, rotors, storage, and GPS