Heated Boot Liners for Extreme Cold


Heated boot liners
Heated boot liners

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Military operations in cold weather require warfighters to use protective garments to prevent frostbite. Current state-of-the-art flight boots do not meet extreme cold weather requirements, due to restricted foot space in and around aircraft. Consumer-grade heated products do not provide frostbite protection in extreme cold, lack a robust domestic supply chain, and use batteries intolerant of extreme cold temperatures. For the Department of Defense, frostbite protection is essential to operate and succeed in diverse cold weather environments. CRG, EXO2, and Clemson Textiles have created a boot liner that provides warmth and frostbite protection down to –49°F. The safe, slim, conformal liner can be worn with existing boots. Click to view full tech sheet.

CRG’s boot liners offer:

  • Frostbite Protection – Provides hours of frostbite protection for temp down to -49°F, expanding mission capability in extreme cold and arctic environments
  • Slim, Conformal Fit – Boot liner material is comfortable, flame-resistant, and made from Berry compliant fabrics
  • Boot Compatibility – Improves existing boots’ utility in extreme cold and maintains existing supply chain
  • Autonomous Operation – Automatically provides heat only when cold temperatures are detected
  • Rugged Heating Elements – Materials made with flexible, stretchable heating elements that are shockproof even when torn
  • Washability –  Worn over socks to reduce laundering requirements; can be hand washed and hung to dry
Photo of boot liner next to a military boot
Heated boot liners help reduce the risk of frostbite