Enabling Technologies


CRG’s innovative enabling technologies allow our customers to design products with new capabilities that set them apart from their competition. Our technologies can support systems from advanced avionics systems to state-of-the-art defense solutions. CRG can be involved in project development, engineering and design or simply license capabilities to our customers. Browse our tech sheets and discover the difference that CRG technologies can make for your business (click links below to view tech sheets). Contact us for more information.


  • Mobility Virtual Assistant (MVA)
    Help maximize rehabilitation effectiveness via daily gait analysis diagnostics, customizable training, and fall risk assessment
    Mobility virtual assistant depiction

Sensors, Monitoring and Wearable Systems

  • Acoustilytix™
    Expand the impact of research studies and workflows via a cloud-based automatic ultrasonic vocalizations (USV) scoring platform
    Graphic representing Acoustilytix and its product's ability to record and translate rat noises

Material Technology