Corporate Culture & Community Relations

CRG has a unique corporate culture. We seek employees with an entrepreneurial mindset who exhibit Level 5 leadership  — humility combined with professional drive.

In January of 2020, Chrysa Theodore, VP of Community Relations, was invited to deliver a KEEN Talk at the 2020 KEEN National Conference. KEEN is a national partnership of universities with the shared mission to educate engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset. Read a news article on Chrysa’s KEEN talk here.

A video of Chrysa’s talk follows and helps describe our culture and define what we look for in employees. Her talk focused on how CRG’s corporate culture enables its Level 5 leaders to serve customers’ needs. Level 5 leadership is a term coined by Jim Collins in his best-selling book, “Good to Great.” Level 5 leaders are humble and fearless, a combination of personal humility and professional will. CRG seeks Level 5 leadership in every employee.