Demonstration of the ATLIS system
A demo of the ATLIS system with a patient on board


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(Aeromedical Transport Litter Immobilization and Stabilization Platform)

Proper immobilization and shock load reduction is essential to reduce the comorbidity risk associated with moving injured patients. The Aeromedical Transport Litter Immobilization and Stabilization (ATLIS) platform was developed with SBIR support (Phases I – III) in response to this need. This device provides reduced patient motion for improved spinal immobilization, superior pressure redistribution to reduce tissue stress points, shock and vibration isolation, and innovative attachment of ancillary equipment. Click to view full sales sheet.

ATLIS addresses sources of potential additional injury with the following features:

  • Diminished Patient Motion. Rigid platform prevents unwanted deflection and isolates vibration and shock loads from the patient
  • Pressure Distribution. Hospital-grade mattress enables optimal pressure redistribution for the patient
  • Increased Comfort. The mattress and composite frame create a more comfortable experience for the patient
  • Equipment Attachment. Innovative side tracks enable versatile ancillary equipment attachment with a load capacity greater than 100 lbs
  • High Strength. High strength-to-weight ratio helps protect both the patient and the clinician in extreme environments
  • NATO Compliance. Compatible with most North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) compliant ground and air vehicles

Diagram showing the various parts of the ATLIS system including restraints, head blocks, mattress, carbon composite platform and track adaptor for SMEED attachment