Ballistic Protection Development and Testing

The US military is constantly in need of improved ballistic protection for warfighters, and improving the methods and means of testing these materials.   New materials are needed that are lighter and more durable, while providing increased levels of protection.  New materials are also needed that enable testing that is reproducible by different technicians and over time. 

CRG is working on new polymers and composite systems for ballistic protection and backing materials for ballistic testing. CRG technologies for ballistic protection include toughened polyurethanes and polyureas for ship and vehicle protection, as well as syntactic foams for vehicle and building protection.  CRG possesses unique capabilities for material development (using both off-the-shelf and CRG developed components), material processing (including chemical reactors, small and large-quantity mixers, and composite fabrication), test method development, characterization (including physical, chemical, and mechanical properties; rheology; and thermal properties), and manufacturing and quality management systems.

The new ballistic materials will lead to improvements in hard and soft body armor, vehicle and ship armor, building siding, and other ballistic protection applications.