We require high-performing, innovative, responsible, contributing team players who don’t let road blocks or failures get in the way of completing their work.

Working at an R&D service company can be demanding. It’s hard. Researchers have to look ahead, filling their pipeline with future work while executing on current programs and converting Phase I R&D work into future options or Phase II programs. They need to constantly assess the business potential of new technologies. For researchers, it takes a simultaneous combination of creative problem solving and proactive business development. For support staff, it means a willingness to adapt to change and be nimble enough to help the company remain competitive and financially healthy.

Below are some behavioral expectations for employees in order to be successful at CRG:

Take Initiative and Ask Questions!

Learn something new every day. Many things about CRG are new and different, and most of the answers won’t necessarily be found in a book or on the Internet. Actively explore our corporate culture, our technologies, our business opportunities and specific projects. Talk to your coworkers. Ask questions. Think of CRG as a teaching research organization, somewhat akin to a teaching hospital in the medical field. Every day is different in an R&D environment. Every new problem is a new opportunity.


Silence will get you nowhere. Communicate with your coworkers and supervisor, and be responsive. Keep in close contact with your project leaders and team leader. Communicate early, don’t wait for impending disaster. Talk about your successes, failures and issues. Communicate your ideas. Seek others out; don’t wait for them to come find you. Get out of your chair for some face-to-face conversations, don’t just use electronic tools. Talk to your supervisor about your goals, frustrations and what’s important to you; management staff are not mind-readers. Don’t whine. If you have a legitimate complaint or concern, make sure you also offer some realistic suggestions for solving the problem. Proactively communicate and coordinate your personal leave time and don’t make assumptions.

Network and Build Relationships!

CRG work teams don’t operate in isolation, they usually draw on labor and expertise from other teams. Build relationships and network with coworkers. For researchers, this will help ensure you become part of upcoming projects and fund your future. Within three months of their start date, all researchers are expected to be able to find their own daily, direct-charge work without the assistance or intervention of their supervisors.

Contribute and Be Responsible!

Show up on time. Be consistent, professional and dependable. Don’t make excuses. Do what it takes to finish the job within budget and time constraints, and do it right. Make informed decisions and anticipate the impact of those decisions. Generate high-quality results. Contribute positively to the company and your team by offering know-how and impeccable customer service. Be a true servant-leader, operating in a serving mode instead of with a sense of entitlement. Minimize the management time required to resolve employee misunderstandings or disputes, and do your part to keep yourself and your coworkers productive.

Respect and Value the Contribution of Others!

Not everyone thinks the same or tackles problems the same way you do, and that’s what makes a team approach to research so successful. Don’t expect all your coworkers to be just like you. Discover and take advantage of coworkers’ strengths. Let them help you look at things in a different way. Be willing to listen and observe. Respect others’ opinions and ideas.

Protect the Corporate Culture!

CRG’s core values are not promises or guarantees provided to employees by management. They are principles for the entire company to uphold. All employees are expected to do their part to protect and champion these values and apply them to their work and relationships with coworkers. Management gives guidance and direction, but they are not solely responsible for maintaining our award-winning corporate culture.

CRG is an equal opportunity employer