Shape Memory Polymer Commercialization

Shape Memory Polymer Development

In 2000, we emerged as a leader in shape memory polymer (SMP) development and design. Beginning with preliminary research in thermoplastic SMP and then later in the unique field of thermoset SMP, our work has resulted in multiple patents and patents pending. The unique properties of these materials continue to drive innovations in a wide range of applications.

A branded family of shape memory polymers, Veriflex®, has emerged after years of preliminary research funded by both government and commercial entities.

From Molecule to Manufacturing

Our ground-breaking SMP design has led to commercialization of products from reconfigurable composite structures, such as aerospace systems, to the manufacture of consumer products, including high-performance auto racing repair materials. We have secured a broad intellectual property position covering many classes of thermoset, thermoplastic, and other types of SMPs, as well as applications and devices.