Internships and Co-ops

Students are hired from a variety of majors and study programs, from chemistry to mechanical engineering and materials science. They experience working alongside full-time professionals on major research programs.

Motivated to create high-tech jobs and retain highly qualified scientific and engineering professionals in Ohio, CRG sponsors university interns and student co-ops as research associates. Student interns and co-ops have been a part of CRG’s corporate design and culture since it began in 1997, and all senior researchers and engineers are expected to mentor students and younger professionals.

CRG's internship program has proven to be a win-win arrangement for both the company and the students. College and university students develop job skills and expertise before they graduate, and the company benefits from their energy, intellect, creativity, and willingness to learn. In fact, several students and former students have been responsible for a few research and process technology breakthroughs.

Corporate Culture

CRG's corporate culture creates a climate of "accelerated experience" for its Research Associates (co-op students). The co-ops work alongside full-time professional staff on hands-on projects for both government and commercial customers. This accelerated work experience gives college student graduate-level challenges and real-world work experience while undergraduates.

Experiencing a CRG Co-op/Internship:

Former Ohio Governor Bob Taft visited CRG in September 2006 to promote the Ohio 3rd Frontier internship program. He spoke with many of CRG's interns that day, noting that CRG is a great example of the win-win situation resulting from companies hiring college interns and co-ops.

  • Team-oriented atmosphere
  • Freedom to be creative and take risks
  • Unique, fun-loving culture
  • Hands-on experience
  • Competitive pay
  • Active mentoring from professional staff
  • Fast-paced work environment
  • Responsibilities that are usually assigned to college graduates
  • “Real world” work experience
  • Development of skills essential to future career
  • Solving difficult challenges on a regular basis

Ohio Third Frontier

CRG was able to broaden and enhance its internship program through the Ohio Third Frontier initiative, a program offering subsidies for companies employing college interns in high-tech fields.

Types of Internships

The company employs many interns from universities and colleges in disciplines ranging from engineering, chemistry, materials science, optics, physics, legal, graphics, and business. Along with active mentoring, these students are given responsibilities that would usually only be assigned after a degree is earned. In this way, students at CRG are able to obtain real-world work experience and develop skills essential for their future careers.

Preparation for Careers

Many current full-timers at CRG started out at the company as student interns. Prior interns now serve in capacities such as director of business development, group and division managers, research engineers, patent attorney, graphic designers, and business associates. Experience has demonstrated a tremendous pay-off from investing in top-notch college students while they are still in school. By the time they graduate, these interns demonstrate a high level of practical workplace and technological expertise, maturity and self-confidence in project management, and entrepreneurial initiative.

Quotes from CRG Interns and Employees

"Professionally, I became a much better communicator, critical thinker, and overall team player. The responsibilities bestowed upon me by my project leader forced me to enhance my communication skills to a whole new level. This is evidenced by the fact that by the time my term ended I had met and worked with individuals with diverse educational backgrounds and large amount of experience in what they do. This automatically rubbed off on me and allowed me to feel free to ask any questions and/or give any relative feedback."
~CRG Intern, in a report to the Ohio 3rd Frontier Program

"My project leader and I have had numerous conversations about resin formulation, better composite processing, our progress as a whole, and the direction we currently see our project heading. It felt good to know that my opinion mattered and that my own thoughts and ideas were impacting a project of such a high magnitude."
~CRG Intern, in a report to the Ohio 3rd Frontier Program

"The best part about CRG’s internship program is the whole experience. Interns working for CRG obtain valuable real-world engineering experience while becoming a part of a unique company culture."
~Student at Wright State University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering

"Working together with engineers and scientists at CRG in a team-oriented approach has allowed me to take on distinct responsibilities and has helped promote my leadership skills on a daily basis. I have been exposed to the challenges of transitioning products and materials into a manufacturing environment, and this is my favorite part of my co-op experience. I enjoy combining innovative thinking and foresight in a manufacturing environment to prevent failures before they happen. Overall, my experience at CRG has allowed me to take responsibility and initiative to improve my technical, professional, and leadership skills and has reinforced my career choice in chemical engineering."
~Student at the University of Dayton majoring in Chemical Engineering

"The internship program at CRG is a great chance for engineers to mentor students and help them learn new things and ways of doing business. I enjoy working with the students here because they bring a lot of energy and drive to the table, and that makes the company an exciting and fun place to work."
~Division Manager, former student intern

"This experience has most certainly confirmed my desire to be an engineer. It gives me a sense of pride to know that my line of work directly connects to the lives of so many people. The possibility of seeing what I’ve been researching being used as a common industrial practice is invigorating."
~CRG Intern, in a report to the Ohio 3rd Frontier Program

"Through my roles as both support and lead on a variety of projects I was able to develop leadership qualities including, lead by example and lead by following, both of which are critical skills for technical and non-technical success both at work and in life."
~Research Engineer, former student intern

"I especially enjoy working with the young people. Watching them grow professionally and accomplishing things they never would have thought possible a few years earlier bring me great joy."

"From the company's very beginning, research associates (interns) have been core to our company's success. Their enthusiasm and fresh ideas beautifully complement the experience and depth of the professional engineers and scientists who supervise them. The mix of half-college student, half-professional staff drives innovation for our customers at a phenomenal pace — one that a team made up of just one type or the other wouldn't achieve."
~Director of Government Programs