Dr. Rick Hreha received an Outstanding Technical Paper Award for the Advances in Materials track at CAMX, the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo. This award goes to authors who have put together a well written, interesting, and groundbreaking technical paper. Nominated papers were reviewed and ranked by our Technical Committees. Dr. Hreha’s paper was on CRG’s high-temperature organize resin system.

CRG has been developing this material on internal funds over the last three years. This is a whole new class of resin not previously reported in the literature. Experimental results are showing dramatic improvements in high-temperature performance over currently available materials. Applications include anything where very low flame, smoke and toxicity performance is required, such as aircraft interiors; or where high-temperature performance is required, such as aerospace structures and automotive engine components. The market potential for this material system is huge and CRG has been entertaining major customers on a monthly basis to discuss licensing and supply opportunities. In addition, the company has won several government contracts to evaluate this material for various military applications. CRG has filed for several patents with more in the works as they continue to make improvements to the technology.

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CRG researcher receives outstanding tech paper award at CAMX