Spintech, one of CRG’s spin-off subsidiaries, was featured in a recent CompositesWorld article, “‘Smart tooling’ cuts time and risk for complex unitized composite structures production.” The article describes how a one-piece bladder tooling helps to actualize NASA/Boeing’s revolutionary fluted core design for next-gen cryogenic fuel tank skirt.

The photo on the right shows production mandrels for a cryotank’s fluted-core skirt. Following up on the CCTD program’s 5.5m cryotank skirt’s fluted-core design activities (covered in CW’s February issue), this NASA-funded SBIR program produced a 2m by 2.5m arc section panel to demonstrate the technical feasibility of Spintech’s Smart Tooling approach for highly loaded launch vehicle structures.

Read the full CompositesWorld article.


Spintech tooling featured in CompositesWorld article