On June 12, CRG was awarded first place in the inaugural Innovation Index Awards in the category of Commercialization. Formed this year as a partnership between the Dayton Business Journal and the Dayton Development Coalition, the Innovation Index Awards were designed to highlight innovative approaches that fuel the Dayton region’s economy. Awards in the category of Commercialization were for organizations demonstrating unique abilities to move new ideas into the commercial market.

CRG was recognized for its innovative approach to commercialization in providing technology commercialization services and advisory support to spin-off subsidiaries, allowing them to focus on their core business needs and move more quickly into the market. CRG’s business model cuts the time for exit, gives a better return on investment, and requires less investment to get a company launched. CRG’s successful spin-off of Spintech and the recent launches of NONA Composites and Advantic were excellent examples of moving research into market applications.

Awardees were honored with trophies at a gala of more than 200 people at the Schuster Center in Dayton and special features of their organization’s story in the Dayton Business Journal. Click here to read the article in the Dayton Business Journal.

CRG wins Innovation Index Award